Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Productive Programmer

I've just finished reading Neal Ford's The Productive Programmer and it was a very good read indeed. I like timeless books, and it is fair to say that this one was very universal for the most part, maybe except for the first few chapters, which include a bunch of OS or text editor-specific productivity tricks. I didn't find them all particularly useful, but maybe it's just me. For some reason it felt like a marketing trick, by means of which the reader gets "immediate value" out of the first few pages and is pulled in for the rest of the book. It actually had an opposite effect on me. I remember thinking that if the book is like this throughout then I'd better stop reading now - but I'm glad that I persevered to uncover countless pearls of wisdom in the following chapters.

If the book isn't going to make you more productive, then at the very least you'll be able to relate to many observations pointed out by Neal.

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