Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mortality by Christopher Hitchens

   Today is Christopher Hitchen's first death anniversary. I read Mortality in a bookshop, and without paying for it. The book is only about 100 pages long and it is, obviously and very unfortunately, one of Hitchens' last works. 

   Hitch describes his fight with esophageal cancer on a number of plains: through the prism of relationships with people, in terms of what's left when good health is gone and the experiences of physical struggle.

   Throughout his life, Hitch always remained true to reality and consistently favored an objective take on life, even (though some would say especially) when his viewpoint was not exactly the popular one. And so is the book. There is no drama, no exaggeration, no blame, no wishful thinking. Not an opportunity to rationalize random events to them to force an agenda. I think that makes the book somewhat special, and very Hitch.

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