Saturday, December 29, 2012

Listening to #Hitch22 on a Dublin Bus

I try to cycle to work as often as possible, but I sometimes treat myself to commuting by public transport on cold winter weekdays. If you know something about Dublin Bus, you'll know that the service doesn't always happen at regular intervals, in particular you might be waiting for your bus three times longer than expected only to witness all three busses arrive at your stop at exactly the same time (and probably out of order). Kind of like TCP, a best-effort transport protocol, except that you can indeed rely on TCP most of the time. Now, there are many ways of dealing with this but being patience-deficient I'm forced to shift my attention away from this slight annoyance and my favorite way of doing so is to listen to audiobooks. 

Most recently I listened to an audio version of Hitch-22, Christopher Hitchens' memoirs, read by the author himself. Hitch's deep voice accompanied me every day on my way to work and then back home in the evening for the entire working week. I was very looking forward to each bus trip with an audio session and for the first time in my life I almost wished the bus hadn't come on time so I can listen to the audiobook that little bit longer. Hitchen's erudition makes him a pleasure to listen to. It's quite refreshing after talking in tech jargon for an entire day. Perhaps due to his very direct style, at the end of the week I felt like I had spent some time with the man. And in a way I had. It certainly was bus time well spent.

To give you a small taste, here is a Youtube clip of Christopher Hitchens talking about his memoirs in Australia at the Sydney's Writers Memoirs.

   The memoirs are full of puns, word games and references, at least half of which I'm sure I hadn't even caught and so I'm intending to listen to the book once more in the future... or maybe next time I'll read it.

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