Thursday, December 6, 2012

FirstPost 2.0

I decided to retire my old blog and start afresh here. A couple of reasons.

   I created my now-legacy blog five years ago with an intention to post notes-to-self. Over time, the blog struggled to maintain this identity, as some of my posts were terse notes to self, while others were addressed to general public in hope that someone else would find my every day discoveries useful. I now realize that from a reader's point of view such blogs are impossible to follow consistently, and I'm intending to make this one more reader-friendly.

    My recent collaboration with O'Reilly Media on a book, Effective Monitoring and Alerting, was probably a major factor in realizing the above. These last six months were a great experience, full of emotional ups and downs, from which I feel I came out as a slightly different person. I thought marking this with a clearer layout of the new blog, reflecting the new me, was a good idea.

   Okay, so now a little plug for the book itself: I set up a dedicated website for it at site contains links to examples from the book and a small trivial webservice to illustrate the proof of concept through using OpenTSDB (as described in the appendix).

   In essence, the book presents my own perspective on dealing with every day’s uncertainty through extraction of meaning from the flow of system data. I tried to make it timeless by discussing principles rather than instructions on how to use specific software packages. At the same time I tried hard not to make it sound too abstract, and frankly I won't know how well I did there until the reviews start flowing in. If I managed to whet your appetite, this post gives a better  overview of the contents.

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